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Best Gadgets For 12 Year Old Boy

Want to get your boy some cool gadgets? Here we will discuss some of our favorite gadgets that you can get online for your little one.

As a parent, we feel bad when we see our kids playing with gadgets rather than being active in games. From their toys to their clothes, everything needs to be just right for them.

So, we have some cool gadgets for your kids that will help them while playing and you don’t have to worry about the kind of gadgets they are using.

Fisher-price laugh & learn smart cycle – $50.00

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The Smart Cycle is one of the coolest toys that we have ever seen. It is the first smart cycle that you can own for your kid.

The smart cycle is a pedal generator that allows your kids to start and stop cycling based on the programs they are playing with. The Smart Cycle comes with four programs that can be activated on the Smart Cycle itself with buttons on the top.

It also comes with sensors so that your kid can keep pedaling to ride faster. With its programming, you can set the pace for your child so that he or she can take his or her time while using the Smart Cycle.

It is a pretty expensive toy at $50 but the Smart Cycle is a great addition to your kid’s birthday. The toy also has a special feature that allows you to record the bike movement so that you can review the ride later.

Sphero Mini – $29.99

The Sphero Mini is a perfect gift for your child who loves toys. With a simple 2-watt speaker, you can control the Sphero Mini with your Android device. It also features LED lights and vibrating motors to make it move.

With its glowing orb, you can control it from your phone and watch your very own vehicle move across the screen. The Mini is available at Amazon and all other stores.

It comes in different colors and different versions with different dimensions of 10-inches and 10.1-inches respectively.

Sphero Mini also has a smaller sibling that is just as cool and it is also available on Amazon.

LOL Surprise 3-in-1 – $48.99

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This toy is one of the best tech toys for girls. The LOL Surprise toys are kind of like a twist on a traditional game of guessing.

Each “box” has two or more dolls inside. They are stuffed inside the box and you open it up to see a surprise.

You can also buy more and each doll is different.

The fun thing about this toy is that you can also keep your little ones busy playing with it and there are so many “surprises” inside that they will be surprised.

LOL Surprise is a great gift for those kids who are too young for most of the toys and still want some fun toys.

You can also get the LOL Big Surprise which has over 200 surprises inside and you can learn more about it by watching this funny advertisement.

Nerf Xtreme zone foam blaster – $49.99

Nerf has become a household name among the kids as many of them own these awesome toys.

With the Xtreme Zone Blaster, your kids will love to play and when they get the chance, they will put on a little show for you by firing off foam bullets from the blaster at a very high velocity.

Nerf has some of the best and coolest guns, and this particular gun will definitely grab the attention of any kind. It has foam rounds inside and you can also throw in some grenade capsules to make it more exciting for the kids.

This blaster is perfect for home and it can be taken along on camping trips as well.

Smart Boy Case for SmartWatch 3 – $54.99

black smartwatch on box

SmartWatch 3 has taken the world by storm, and it is now one of the most-wanted smartwatches in the world. This smartwatch can do more than the smartwatches from other companies and it can be a really good toy as well.

This smartwatch comes with a super-cool case that looks like a Nintendo handheld console. When you turn on the SmartWatch 3, the first thing you will see is the Nintendo logo.

The case is made of some special material and it is also a fingerprint magnet which is not exactly cool.

However, if you don’t mind the fingerprints, then this smartwatch case for SmartWatch 3 is an amazing gift for kids who love toys and gadgets.

You can get the case at Amazon or other online stores like Toys R Us, and they all ship directly from the company.

Toy Cars Racing – $27.00

Toys R Us is also offering a ton of toys for the kid’s birthday. One of the hottest toys this season is the Toy Cars Racing which is a racing toy that you can take along anywhere you want.

It is perfect for playing outside and it is also a great toy for the kids to play with at home.

It is easy to assemble and you can easily get these Toy Cars Racing at Toys R Us as well. The cars are painted in bright colors and they have wheels with grooves.

They come with a track, but this racing toy can also be used in a standard car garage. It has car garages with wheels already attached and it is super easy to put them together.


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