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How Much Of An Entrepreneur Are You

Do you feel like you could be good at being an entrepreneur but aren't quite sure yet? This article will give you some tips and tricks for becoming a great entrepreneur.

Do you feel like you could be a good entrepreneur? Or do you feel like you’re too introverted to be the go-getter?

If the latter is the case, you’re not alone. According to a study from Cone Communications, half of all people think they are not the entrepreneurial type but wish they could be.

What does an entrepreneur do?

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The type of business that an entrepreneur does is typically the result of his or her personality type, work environment, and personal goals.

When you look at it in these terms, the following types of entrepreneurs show up:

Scarcity entrepreneurs

These entrepreneurs have a knack for knowing exactly what they want. It's something that makes them very hard to work with.

They thrive on a tiny margin of error and will make sure you know exactly how much of that margin they have left.

While this means that the management team is the most difficult that these entrepreneurs will deal with, it also means that they will get the job done quickly and on time.

Scarcity entrepreneurs don't mind taking risks but usually prefer to make things happen.

Dilemma entrepreneurs

A dilemma entrepreneur is someone that has a bit of both trait. They love an opportunity but may be very torn about pursuing it.

While they can get into a situation where they have many options, they often struggle to decide to make that big leap forward.

In some cases, they will waste so much time and energy that they will just move on to the next opportunity instead.

Because of this, many dilemma entrepreneurs rely on the teamwork of others to help them get the ball moving.

They will often go out of their way to offer as many resources as possible to support their team but will often take the first step if they know that it's the right step.

Define yourself

It's easy to see all of these entrepreneurs as being so different from each other. That's because they are.

You have to be honest with yourself about what kind of entrepreneur you are.

If you're an entrepreneur who needs your mind clear at the start of each day, then a dilemma entrepreneur is right for you.

If you want to make sure that you have the opportunity to make an impact every day, then a scarcity entrepreneur is a good fit.

Research the problem you want to solve

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It’s important to understand your problem(s). This can help you come up with a good business plan for how to go about solving the problem you’re looking to solve.

As Derek Halpern put it, you’ll also want to find a problem you're passionate about because it will help you stay passionate about your business.

Identify opportunities

You want to come up with a market and competition before you dive into your business plan. You can also do market research through blogs and networking.

As you start building your plan, look for opportunities to go deeper into your plan.

Where will your market be most receptive to your solution? How many people do you want to reach to be successful?

Think about who needs your solution the most.

With an idea, you’re free to do whatever you want with it. But once you have a market and competition identified, you’ll want to stay true to that and continue to build toward that market.


This one is important. Even if you’re just dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur, get in the habit of envisioning success.

Write down your idea and constantly remind yourself of it. You may not want to admit that you’re dreaming, but you mustn’t be lost in a fantasy.

There’s one caveat here. If you’re not sure whether you want to become an entrepreneur, don’t worry.

You don’t have to become an entrepreneur to get practical experience and feedback. You’re a human being and that’s where you need the most help.

Start small

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Setting the mindset for becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight. Set smaller goals. If you want to sell 5,000 jewelry bracelets a year, start small.

You’ll also want to use these goals to measure your progress. Keep a journal and write down how many you sell each month.

Now compare that to what you were expecting. Are you meeting your goal?

Use a growth mindset

A growth mindset means you believe that you can be excellent at something and learn and grow from your mistakes.

This is a great mindset to have if you’re an entrepreneur.

If you think that failure is something that happens to everyone and you need to have thick skin, you might be hard-pressed to become an entrepreneur.

Knowing that you can learn from your failures can help you become comfortable taking on risks.

A growth mindset helps you overcome your fears of failure.

As you start putting together your business plan, your mindset is what sets the tone for success.

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