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How To Work From Home On A Laptop

This article will discuss how to work from home on a laptop, for those of you who have acquired a laptop at a great price that you can use to work from home.

I personally own three MacBook Airs, and it’s incredibly helpful to have my laptops working when I’m in front of the TV with my babies.

I set my work laptop on my printer for a perfect output. But I’m obviously not using the printer to work and therefore I can set up an identical laptop to output my data.

I prefer to set the laptop up to have the following options:

Fullscreen (full-screen mode is great for anyone who has an aversion to laptops)

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Control Panel (the panel is always the second one on the right as you move from right to left)

Mac OSX Menu Bar (the bottom right, it’s not like it has anything hidden, but it’s still hidden from most people)

Lock Screen (this is a great way to only be able to unlock your laptop when you are at your office. If someone is trying to get in, they won’t be able to!)

It’s great to have the control panel on because it allows me to have my computer on while I’m with the kids. The keyboard is small enough to be able to play with my babies.

The setup process

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The laptop you want to work from home with has to have a lot of things working. It has to be full-time. I mean, people still get addicted to drugs, just like with computers.

The first thing you will need to do is put a folder on the desktop called “Retina Displays” and go into the Terminal (Mac OSX has a little wizard that you can set up and start working with very easily) to create the folder.

Next, go to the Mac App Store, and download iDisk, which will install several amazing applications that you can use to work from home:

  • Evernote – This is an amazing piece of software that allows you to take all of your notes and organize them into notebooks. The notebook system allows you to search your notes through natural language and has built-in chat so you can talk to your team from home as you work.
  • InVision – another amazing piece of software that allows you to create wonderful virtual presentations for your clients. You can work alone or collaborate with your team and receive live feedback on your designs.
  • HandBrake – this is a free and amazing piece of software that converts video, audio, image, and documents from one format to another.
  • Powerpoint – a piece of software that allows you to create, host, and share presentations online for clients or your own team.
  • PowerPoint Remote Desktop – this allows you to connect to your computer via a remote desktop and control it from any other computer (you can see your computer as you work!)
  • Safari – another free piece of software that allows you to quickly surf the web on your laptop.
  • Quicktime – another free piece of software that allows you to copy and paste a file from one device to another.
  • Gimp – a free piece of software that allows you to edit photos.
  • BBEdit – another wonderful piece of software that allows you to create and maintain several document types on the computer, such as PDF, Word, and RTF.

Your needs

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Once you have the system set up the way that you want it to be, and you have access to all of the software you want on your computer, it’s time to actually get your laptop to work.

Firstly, download Chrome (it’s free) and install it, because it will run your browser for you.

It will allow you to work from anywhere in the world and not have to make appointments or wait around for your internet to come back up every time. It will also allow you to keep working from anywhere with a wi-fi connection.

Secondly, download Firefox (you can also choose to use Chrome if you prefer) and open it. Click “Allow this program access to this computer.”

You’ll then be taken to a new screen that asks for permission to access your computer’s files and run your browser.

Click “Allow.” (Once you start up Firefox, it may take a minute or two for it to recognize that your computer is now connected to the internet, which means that you’ll get a warning before it starts working).

With Chrome, you will be able to connect to a lot of different sites, and you will get the benefits of speed, graphics, and accessibility of those sites because you will be able to access them on the page.

With Firefox, you will be able to use a lot of the same browsing tools and web tools that you will use in Chrome, but you will have the added advantage of not having to re-upload all of your files all the time, so you’ll never have to remember to re-upload them.

However, you will still be able to use every site on the internet that is not blocked by Google or Firefox, as most sites are blocked by these browser plugins.

Bringing your work to you

Once you have the systems set up and downloaded, you will need to bring your work to you.

If you are connected to your office with wi-fi, you can install Dropbox on your computer, and use your Dropbox account to sync all of your files.

If you do not have wi-fi access, you can use a USB stick to back up all of your files, and then either send the file back to your desktop or use Dropbox to open the file on your desktop.

For additional security, you can password-protect each file with your own password so that no one can steal your files.

Dropbox does offer a high-security option, which will require you to know an additional password to access each file, but that option is beyond the financial budget of most small business owners.

The same type of software can also be used to share files with others on a private basis, which is the ideal situation for businesses that do all of their work with clients.

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