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How To Work From Home With A 1 Year Old

This article will discuss how you can work from home even when you have a baby or toddler in the house.

We will look at various ways of doing this so that you can get the maximum benefit from this option and can reduce the risk of health issues from being in an office.


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Working at home means more freedom, you can also do as you like. It also means that you are bound by no one's rules so it's up to you to make a set of rules for yourself.

You can set times for yourself such as work only between 10 am and 6 pm but then you also need to make it clear to your partner that he or she has to be available to look after your baby.

For work, you might want to stay away from your baby's sleeping periods or vice versa but this has to be established between the two of you.

Setting up a daily routine is also very important as it's likely that you will need to be around your baby while they are sleeping.

This would be a good time for you to work while your baby is sleeping but it also might mean that you would have to put in place very strict rules such as only when your baby is sleeping do you try to work.

It's also advisable that you can also set up certain times in the day where you can work and this has to be confirmed with your partner.

You might even want to make sure that you are on a certain hour to ensure that you get a little bit of shut-eye for yourself.

The best thing is that this should not prevent you from bonding with your baby and enjoying your bond with your baby.

Sound equipment and computer

An important thing to bear in mind is that you don't have any of the annoying sounds that you would normally associate with a working environment such as the sound of a laptop, the sound of your co-workers talking, etc.

The computer that you will be using at home is your work-station so if it's set upright, you should not need to work outside the house.

You may also want to invest in a good sound system to block out any annoying noises.

You can try to work in a quiet room but you may find that you have to do this for a while before you get used to it.

You could also ask your partner to sleep during your working hours but again this would be something that you will have to discuss with your partner before you invest in such a system.

Design and style

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If you are choosing a work-at-home environment it has to be something that's tastefully decorated and neat.

You will need to ensure that you have a suitable computer so that you can work from home and it needs to be easy to move around and use at any time.

A lot of computer makers now have a small version that can be carried with you and used when you need to work from home.

Another point to consider is what you wear.

You don't want to wear pajamas or slippers because if your child is around, you will need to get up and do things and this might mean that you have to wear what you are wearing which could be uncomfortable for you.

If you have an open-plan office, you could decide that you don't want to work from home in your pajamas, but you will need to look slightly more put together than you might normally have to because people will see that you are working.

Accessories such as earphones will also be essential. A speaker system might also be an option for you if you have a good sound system but be careful to find one that won't interfere with your connection with the internet.

Mobility and mobility

It's important that you feel well enough to move around as much as you want to.

If you are taking a bus or tube train to work, you'll need to have the option to move around on the train.

You'll need to make sure that there's a good public space so that you don't feel isolated from the rest of the people on the train.

Of course, you will also want to make sure that your body is comfortable. You don't want to put too much strain on your back, so for your first day at home, it would be advisable to not do anything strenuous.

Be flexible

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You might want to consider setting up a routine for when you go to work and when you come home.

This will be an important way of ensuring that you establish a routine, but of course, you should also allow yourself to be flexible when it comes to your working hours.

You don't want to give yourself too many deadlines which might get in the way of your important bonding time with your baby.

Of course, if you have a partner, they will probably want to spend more time with your baby and not want you to be working as much but they might also need you to take time off from work occasionally to look after them.

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