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How To Work Magic Bullet

A magic blender is a remarkable blender that makes it easy to make juice and smoothies. This article will teach you how to work a 'magic bullet' blender.

A magic bullet blender uses a special motor that speeds up the blending process. It is particularly useful for adding in finely chopped ingredients for a smooth texture to your smoothie or juice.

A magic bullet blender is a remarkable blender that makes it easy to make juice and smoothies. This article will teach you how to work a 'magic bullet' blender.

Packed with a powerful motor and six (or more) blades, the magic bullet blender makes it a great tool for blending up a smoothie or juice.

How to work a magic bullet blender

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An electric or hand-held magic bullet blender is typically battery-powered. The motor is housed in the base and a few blades are contained in a ring on the top.

The main advantage of this model over electric blenders is that it is compact.

Blend power ranges from 200 watts (AC) to 700 watts (DC). The motor is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 40 minutes of power.

When using the motor, the overall size and shape are less than that of a standard electric blender, but the effect is the same: the blade spins and the power is applied to the inside of the cup, cutting the ingredients and releasing hot liquid through the hollow blade.

The one disadvantage to using a magic bullet blender is that the liquid is generally too hot to hold. To remove the contents, a dedicated vessel or slotted spoon or ladle is necessary.

Magic bullet blenders are typically used with fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. To add fruit to your juice or juice smoothie, simply cut it into pieces and add to the bowl, along with any other ingredients that you desire.

A good ratio is 1 cup fruit to 3/4 cup liquid.

A good method to remember is to add 1 cup of fruit to a blender, mix with the liquid to combine, add more liquid until the fruit is smooth, then pour the mixture into glasses or serve in cups.

Magic bullet type blenders

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Magic bullet blenders can be divided into three basic categories: the hand-held ones, the larger mixer-type, and the automated ones.

Hand-held magic bullet blenders

Hand-held magic bullet blenders tend to have a little larger cup, generally around the size of a small wine glass.

You can buy the magic bullet blender on a stand or bowl, which looks more traditional. Alternatively, you can get an adjustable wand that is connected to the base, which has the advantage of not tipping over.

You can get this type of hand-held magic bullet blender at a premium, but it is a useful tool for making the consistency of your juice or juice smoothie to your taste.

Magic bullet blenders that have an adjustable wand will allow you to apply power on a finer or finer level to reach the correct consistency.

You should never be able to reach the pulp in a standard hand-held magic bullet blender.

As the blades are positioned at an angle, this gives a very fast delivery of smooth juice to the mug or glass. However, the downside is that you can't use the wand for more intricate cooking methods such as poaching or cooking.

If you are making a more refined, intricate recipe, such as making a traditional smoothie with ice cream, it may not be suitable.

A traditional stand-style magic bullet blender with an adjustable wand and a pointed base can usually be found online or at hardware stores for about $60-100.

These magic bullet blenders are a good option for large families as they are easy to transport and take up less space than some of the more large-format blenders.

Magic bullet automated blenders

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Automated automatic magic bullet blenders are much cheaper than the larger variety, but will generally provide a less consistent cup.

As they rely on the motor to do the work, they are less powerful and more susceptible to motor-induced mechanical jamming. A major downside is that the settings do not record the exact blend time.

Automatic magic bullet blenders will usually retail for about $50 and can be easily purchased on Amazon.

Tip: It is best to avoid automatic machines that heat the ingredients as this will slow down the cooling of the mixture and actually make it taste worse.

Washing up should never be a problem with any of the aforementioned types of magic bullet blenders. You will just be washing them in hot water in the sink.

Systems that rely on a tank

Systems that use a heating element, such as the KitchenAid Professional Series Series 3.5-Quart Stand Mixer with a Hyper Speed Rotary Ball Mixer, have the disadvantage of heating the ingredients.

This speeds up the cooling process and prevents any type of jamming. However, this system is expensive and can be very difficult to clean.

The most reliable and affordable systems that use a compressor-style system are available on Amazon.

However, if you want a unit that is simple to use, one that does not use electricity, and has no moving parts, a timer is required.

This costs more than a traditional magic bullet blender and is typically found in hardware stores for about $50-120.

Worried about cleaning the battery compartment? You will need to be careful when emptying the unit as it is filled with a cocktail of minerals that can poison you.

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