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Make Money At Home User Testing

Want to be a user tester? This article will talk about some ways you can make money at home doing user testing.

A skilled user tester is in demand and I am here to show you the opportunities available. Making money from doing user testing is easy – especially if you are using existing tools or creating new ones.

Here are some of the ways you can make money doing user testing.

As a test developer

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This is the first one on the list. As a test developer, you develop user testing solutions or do software usability testing for a software client.

It may take a little bit to build your first tool that can do all the above. Then you can build the next one that allows you to automate some of the processes.

You could think of a simple end-to-end solution that can be called a Smart User Testing Solution. I am not here to sell you Smart User Testing Solution.

So just build it yourself. However, if you do this you would be on a good path because this is a process that can be automated as I will show you below.

Building a tool for testing

If you feel the desire to write a book, what would it be about?

Create your Smart User Testing Solution or you can think of it as a user testing tool for certain software or tool.

Get familiar with the software or tool so that you can describe its issues and limitations in human words. Make a list of the test scenarios that are actually possible.

Try to use real-world examples to identify the most common scenarios. The more real-world scenarios you can come up with the better.

You could do this by finding the issues of the software in different situations like while moving while operating a device etc.

Also, remember that it is very important to decide on your testing strategy early so that you will do proper user testing.

For example, in an office setting, most of the users will use their devices to work on the documents on their computers. So you can test by walking around with the devices.

You should try to take a true test because you want to see what happens in the user's mind. You want to see what they actually see when they use the software.

Don’t do too much practice. Spend more time doing practice and testing on real clients.

Most of the software development companies out there want to see results that you can deliver after two or three tests. The software testing companies actually don’t care about your strengths as a tester or your previous experience.

So you need to take a step forward and learn some software testing skills.

Create your smart user testing solution

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However, if you are really advanced, then create your own agile tool.

If you already have a good understanding of how the software is supposed to work, then you can decide to become a user tester.

As a user tester, you can write the documents that contain the test case scenario and you can also walk around with a device to experience the user's experience.

You can also carry out unguided user testing using Skype or Google Hangout. When you provide unguided user testing the person testing the software has to rely on your answers and feedback to answer the users’ questions.

The user testers don’t know how to answer their questions unless you provide them with your feedback. However, there are some tests that you are likely to face even when you are providing user testing unguided.

You are going to face one challenge in terms of time. It is always very hard to find people to do unguided user testing.

As a user tester, you can go to conferences to share your stories. Then you can turn this into a blog so that you can share your stories and experiences.

When you share your stories you can help other user testers and also your company.

A bad user testing session

Let’s say that you have been working for a software company for a while and you have been doing some user testing.

One day your boss tells you to run a test on the new feature you have been developing.

However, after two or three iterations you end up being the only tester and the quality of the testing is not as good as you expected.

You decide to take action and you try to organize a full-scale user testing session. You can write the test cases and you have to take the test with a QA team that is familiar with the software.

The problem is that even the QA team finds some mistakes in the test cases.

If you want to provide a quality test then you need to do some good UI testing.

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