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Why Companies Should Not Outsource

This article will give some reasons why a company should not outsource its call center to India or any other country.

Companies in the USA are not very adept at dealing with customers. This is the simple answer to why companies should not outsource the call center jobs to India.

We know that the compensation that an Indian call center agent receives is cheap compared to the US agent's compensation.

Obviously, India is a cheaper call center for Indian call center agents. However, the nature of the customers in India is more aggressive compared to the US.

They tend to be more demanding and careless of how their issues are addressed.

A customer can just make a phone call to a US-based company and just scream at the call center agent about how a customer service representative is rude and is not resolving the issues.

A US-based customer service agent may take a phone call and feel so guilty for not being able to handle the situation that they will offer some emotional counseling about how to deal with a rude customer.

In India, a customer can just hang up the phone and come back later and get another chance to talk to the same rep.

I have a good friend whose job is as a travel agency's customer service rep in India. The customer in India just demands and expects immediate answers.

The customer service rep in the US may feel like they are wasting their time and will be seen as rude by the customer in India. This can discourage a US-based call center agent to take the issue or being extra nice.

People in India are lazy, impatient, and do not have patience. The US call center agents have more discipline and experience with dealing with these customers.

Thus, they can find a solution to an issue in an hour. It can take up to 5-6 calls to solve a problem.

People in India do not know how to identify quality and a situation where they need to treat the customer with respect. They will probably yell at an American customer service rep who explains to them a few simple rules for handling the customer.

An extension is an extension


Service representatives need to identify that they are dealing with someone who is brand new to the web and in need of basic knowledge in web technology and the different things that the web can do.

People in India are so scared of calling the telephone or computer company. That they will receive a phone call and be scammed if they call the company in India.

We can see that by removing the customer's question and creating an employee-customer communication channel, we can efficiently resolve issues.

Companies in the USA should outsource customer service to an Indian agent because of the following:

Call centers of India have stricter and more limited regulations and regulations are not set up to work with the challenges that US customer service agents have.

They are more skilled at communicating with the end customers. They tend to have a better grasp of what the customers are looking for.

For example, these agents can answer questions in English or any other language. All the India-based customer service agents are not available 24 hours to respond to customer issues.

In the US, the companies in the call center have to deal with demanding customers who may want to talk to the call center agents and be verbally abused.


people sitting near table with laptop computer

Customers do not really know the ins and outs of how you choose a service provider. Here are some common questions that customers will ask when choosing a service provider to help resolve their issue:

  • How long will it take for me to transfer my business to the new provider?
  • If the customer has an existing solution in place, how will the customer continue to use that solution?
  • If I call my old customer service representative, will they take down the new service?

Customer service representatives do not have unlimited hours to respond to customer inquiries. The time that is allotted to them by the companies can be hard to fit around their personal lives.

The company may have automated customer services programs that they could outsource to other countries where the customer service agents are available 24 hours a day.

If the customer is dissatisfied with the service or it does not work as expected, they should just hang up and call the service provider again to get a resolution to the problem.

For example, on the standard phone or online chat window, you can access the customer service representative's email address. It can be sent to them, and they will get back to you in a few days.

The customer service rep has to deal with customer expectations and trying to solve their problems promptly. The service rep has to be quick and do everything possible to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

To put the customer's business into the hands of a company where the service quality is guaranteed by using a dedicated customer service organization, they must rely on the country's regulations and laws to work in favor of the customer.

Who hires customer service reps in India?

Team work, work colleagues, working together

Many service providers are based in India. These companies have their customer service representatives located in the country.

They hire customer service representatives from India because they have experienced their previous customer service representatives' ability to resolve customer issues with the fastest possible turnaround time and without putting too much strain on their customer service reps.

Migrating a company's entire customer service division to a different country is not always easy. By finding the right team of customer service representatives, the transition to the new country becomes easier.

It is vital to choose a customer service company that has a diverse customer base. It is important to choose a company that can solve problems for all kinds of customers.

The reason is that different groups of people have different needs and the company must be able to treat all customers in the same manner.

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