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Why Does Government Outsource

Here we will discuss why the government outsources jobs and why it benefits our global society.

Corporate controllers are a class of sociopaths, and when they got away with the felony of computer hacking they had the government order cyber teams to do the work of these sociopaths.

Why are these cyber teams hired, for what purpose, and by who?

This was and is an open secret. These cyber teams were hired by the US government for the reason that they had an established and established process and method for cyber hacking.

Government hackers called “ethical hackers” discovered breaches of the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon, the NASA moon project, voting machines, and vote tabulation software.

The government, as responsible for the free, unfettered Internet and associated technology, has taken full advantage of a lack of competition in cybersecurity contracts. The NSA is one of the largest recipients of cybersecurity funding.

What is an ethical hacker?

If you feel the desire to write a book, what would it be about?

An ethical hacker is an expert in cyber hacking. If you go to school for this, you get the job.

These digital signal hacking programs were known to the cyber teams as Game Over, which was actually code for “Don’t ask me,” since they had perfected the game.

The government has two goals in cybersecurity and most Americans do not want to know about this goal. The first goal is to use the cyber teams for cyber espionage.

The government is engaged in cyber espionage against the people and some things that we do not even know about yet. The National Security Agency is based in Fort Meade, Maryland.

Is NSA spying on you, and what is the NSA doing to help secure the cyber information systems of the country?

The second goal is to provide a cyber hacking environment to all corporations who need to do data security and information theft

To do this, the cyber teams will enter any corporation and sit for a day and hack all the data systems. The cyber teams work for the cyber companies on a per-hour basis, never on a contract basis.

If you think this is speculative, it is not.

Recently, there was a document obtained by Edward Snowden that describes how the NSA has over 4,000 people engaged in cyber spying and some who are engaged in cyber espionage against American citizens.

It is available to any corporation that wants to put it in place. The government provides the tools, techniques, and operational procedures to help corporations do cyber spying and cyber theft.

Cyber espionage is not new. The nation has done this for a very long time.

This might be an interesting thought experiment: Cyberespionage

work flow

If your corporate can spy on other corporations, including banks, retailers, and financial firms, is there any reason to believe they are not capable of doing the same with your data systems?

Wouldn’t this be a good business to go into?

Both the NSA and the defense industrial base own this field and they do not want competition from a commercial side. The biggest problem with cybersecurity is that there are no incentives to have competition in this field.

The NSA is for-profit and the defense industrial base is for profit. These agencies will set up laws to stop competition, as well as use private mercenaries to spy on American citizens.

What is going on here? Is it because cybersecurity is a front to do more cyber espionage on the American people?

The cyber hackers were responsible for the accidental release of the USS Cole video in 2000. What was this video? The Cole was bombed by Al Qaeda terrorists on Oct. 12, 2000.

We know that the NOC was worried that it would cause a worldwide response, and then the terrorists would have to evade arrest. So, what happened? This, of course, leads to another layer of cyber espionage.

What is the game? Everyone has to know the rules to be a player


This game was focused on intercepting communications around the world. What was intercepted? What did it show? What was the reaction?

It is estimated that during that time period there were 17,000 interceptions and only 4 were leaked by the government. If we look at the reasons for this leak, it leads to the same information.

The disclosure of this video by Daniel J. Ellsberg was approved by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Mr. Ellsberg was the same person who authorized the Ploughshares campaign to illegally remove nuclear weapons from the arsenal of the United States and remove them to Israel.

This person, Mr. Ellsberg, was probably allowed to leak the Cole video to the Iranians because the US would never let anyone see what was going on.

When this video was leaked, it showed terrorists training in Yemen to use weapons to blow up ships and destroy them. The response was three ships destroyed.

Where were these ships going? The attacks on these ships killed dozens of innocent sailors.

The US has no planes with aerial capability that can intercept a ship in the middle of the ocean. This is where the cybersecurity experts are working.

This is why cybersecurity is so important. Not only are there intellectual property theft risks, but there is a real-time intelligence problem.

The pirates can come in and kidnap the ship captains and the government cannot get to them quickly enough. This is one of the reasons we have a cybersecurity policy in place.

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