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Why Marketing Plan Is Important In Establishing A Business

Is a marketing plan important in establishing a business? We think so!

This article will discuss how to set up a marketing plan for your business.

The road to business success is paved with many opportunities and one of the biggest challenges for any business owner is to create a marketing plan.

Who uses marketing?

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Nowadays, anyone from individuals to big businesses needs marketing to make sales and attract new customers.

For instance, a small business owner may not need a marketing plan for their cafe, but if that business decides to expand to a big box store the owner must first develop a marketing plan before any sales are generated.

And even then, the chance of sales is dependent on who the consumer is and what they want. It is important to understand that sales is not marketing.

The basic principles of marketing

In essence, there are three essential marketing principles which allow any business to increase their sales:

Marketing communication

The definition of marketing communication is about selling things you are passionate about, like what you sell.

When you are passionate about something, you are the most knowledgeable and passionate person out there about that item.

This is the basis of business marketing, telling the truth and educating your audience.

Customer retention

When you sell a product, you have to constantly focus on keeping your customer engaged and ensuring they will come back for more.


If your business can consistently make more sales, it will be successful.

Keep that in mind; you have to be successful first before you can grow.

You should always try to make it a positive experience for your audience or customers.

There is nothing wrong with being nice and this is part of building a solid customer base.

How to set up a marketing plan

Crunching the numbers

Step 1: Tell the world what you're going to do

In this step, you are trying to attract people to read about your business and consider purchasing.

By telling them about your business, you are trying to establish a relationship with them.

Step 2: Explain how you will execute your plan

How will you execute your plan?

It is important to make sure the readers understand how you will make sales and also how you will make sure they stay engaged and stick with you.

Step 3: Link with readers/customers

Now, that you have an audience, you must find out what their pain points are.

Why would they want to buy your products?

As you read their comments, you will come across things like:

  • If your product is available somewhere else, how will they benefit from that product?
  • Why would they be excited about your business?
  • What are your bestsellers and why are they so popular?

Step 4: Engage them through dialogue

This is where you learn about what they are interested in and what they do not want to hear.

People get sick of the same thing all the time. So you have to be different.

You want to create a dialogue with the audience and keep them engaged.

This is also where you find out about their plans for your business.

Step 5: Produce content

Content is a good way to do this. Creating content is a lot of work, but it is necessary if you want to market successfully.

One of the key points here is to ensure that what you are writing about is of interest to your audience.

You have to speak to the topic you are addressing.

Step 6: Analyze results

monitor screengrab

After you have written your content, it is time to analyze the results. This should not be a quick task.

The way you do this is by looking at the results as the conversation unfolds on your website or your social media pages.

A majority of content websites like Reddit will provide you with a subreddit to read.

Step 7: Collaborate with others

Who better to collaborate with than other business owners?

Doing business with others not only helps to bring more exposure to your business, but it also helps to build trust and rapport with your potential customers.

Step 8: Improve your products and services

The goal here is to keep things in line and continue to improve.

This is essential as your content must constantly improve as well.

Step 9: Referral scheme

Once your business is established, you should consider using a referral scheme.

This helps you build a relationship with your audience.

By referring customers to you, you help them get additional products and services for a limited time period.

Step 10: Present yourself as an authority

You must act as an authority on the subject you are discussing.

Your audience must feel that you are an expert in your business and your industry.

The more experience you have in the field, the better you will be as an authority.

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